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custom poly mesh

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Has anyone seen a way to make equilaterally triangular mesh, with the Poly Mesh tool? It took me quite a while to figure this without automation, doing it manually and I see nothing about how to get equilateral triangles in the manual. Any info on all the possible combinations of options with the Poly Mesh tool?


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I don't see any way that the poly mesh tool will generate what you want.  not in a single step any way.

I attempted to do a 1D grid, then rotate by 60º do it again, then rotate 60º and do it a 3rd time.   but the second application places the grid lines in odd places.

Tried it with the regular mesh too, but it does odd things too.


Best way I figured was manual construction using the s-Split in combination with the join and stitch tools.    


the serrated edges like yours was applied after the fact, by the lasso pick tool and deleting the edge polys.





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Posted (edited)

I used move +  multi-copy which is Ok but I'd hate to miss out on automatized tool methods. The manual seems to hint at supposedly available options which are not explained. Thanks for affirmation.

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