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Animation - changing attributes

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I am trying to change the attributes of an animated object. The attributes revert as soon as the timeline advances. How can I make this stick?

The attributes themselves are not animated.

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Hi Joe,


If we make a cube, click it with the Keyframe tool, move the time line, and move the cube, we create a simple animation of a moving cube.


If we then change the color of the cube, and move the timeline again, the color change of the cube is maintained.  (We also tested with other attributes and animations.)


Can you please be more specific about exactly what you have animated, and what you are trying to change, and include a simple file that shows the issue so we can look into this further?

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We were able to reproduce the problem you describe. It appears that Decal parameters are locked into an animated object. We shall get this corrected. In the meantime a workaround would be to delete the animation track, change the Decal parameters, then re-assign the animation track. Please note that in the Animation Editor you can copy/paste your old animation graph, (for your Position Z track), back into your new animation graph so you don't have to completely redo the animation again.

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