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Measure Tools in v9

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Some limitations and some requests:

1. Bug - the Measure Angle tool leaves the number bubbles on the screen - only way I can see to clear them is to close and reopen the application.

2. Request - an option on the Measure Angle tool to measure between faces.

3. Request or bug? - ability to measure between faces if the objects are Grouped. 

4. What does Also Measure Perpendicular do on the Measure Distance Tool? Well there is the obvious answer I suppose :-) but it looks as if it should be editable in some way with a yellow dot appearing at the perpend graphic, but this disappears when you move the mouse..... I'm sounding like a stuck record but again the manual isn't helpful.

5. Request - or bug? - ability to use the Measure Distance tool and have it be able to change the distances between objects in the same Group (it moves all the grouped objects at the moment - if this is as designed then an option to just move the measured to object.) - and along the same lines an option with joined objects to move instead of scale (a checkbox addition and keep the scale).

6. Request - for the Measure Angle tool and Measure between Faces tool to act in a similar fashion to the Measure Distance - ie with an update button to edit the angle and the distance (less so with the distance as the Measure Distance tool can do this).

7. Bug - in my playing around it has been very easy when measuring and then undoing and redoing to get into a dialog box loop "Error occurred reading and writing to undo scrap file" that I cannot get out of. Has happened a few times.

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