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Place Along Path in V9

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More playing with the v9 demo....

Place Along Path questions:

1. Once more the online manual is lacking - what is the difference between Make Component and Make Component/Per Object Group? 

The only thing I can see seems to be a bug in that the Per Object Group checkbox puts an extra component copy of the original object at the centre of the design axis on completion of the tool. So one version gives you -  n+1 components (n= number of copies along the path) and the other -  n+2 components.

Is it a bug or does the extra object do something? - if only the manual was helpful.

2. Request - a checkbox in the Tool Options to delete the original object and/or the path.

3. Request - a Clones option for the copies.

4. Request - option for percentage distances for the Start-End Distances.

5. Request - the tool remains editable at any time - ie you can revisit and update the tool parameters - such as editing the path, changing the spacing, start- end, orientation and object. (this for all tools where possible - parametric.)

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