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NURBS Edit but with transformations?

Bo Atkinson

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Is there a new way to  do NURBS Edit but with transformations?

New manual does not show editing-transformation for specifically edited NURBS points, or did I miss new termonology. Just for illustration purposes:  Here is a picture of the earliest specialized NURBZ transformation and in recent formZ versions just the regular Transformation tools did the same work.


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Aha, I just figured out that the version 9.x work flow is entirely done with Pick Options Palette + Inspector Palette, which indeed uses regular T-Form tools after the specific Control Points have been picked, but only if the Show Points button is active. One more point is that Pick Options and Inspector Palettes had to be temporarily closed and reopened because these palettes can seem stuck, or they shuffle position on the vertical dock, especially the Inspector Palette when detached which sometimes freezes on the horizontal dock, and in that special case needs a Right-Click to disengage it from the horizontal Dock, (when it seems unresponsive there). Both of these powerful tools become completely operative with these methods.  I'm very pleased!

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