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v9 Layout: relink and updating.

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I am not sure, but should Layout update itself after relink the 3D model?

This is the situation: I am modelling 2 houses, but I need 2 different layouts, although these are more or less the same. The content is different. It would be nice if I could work on Layout 1 with the link to 3D model 1. After I made my setup, copy Layout 1 (layout 1 copy). Rename Layout 1 copy into Layout 2, open Layout 2 and relink model 2. All frames should update with the content from 3D model 2.

Now, it is not working like this. But should it work like this?

FormZ Layout v9.pdf

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I am also having the same issue, however there is a workaround.

If I relink each frame to the new file it updates the frame.  Unfortunately I have to update each frame one at a time.  Select the frame, right click to show Parameters, click on the file folder symbol with the red arrow, select your file.  It should update the frame.  Repeat for each frame.

I also still have issues in that the file does not always update when I change my .fmz file.  I have to close the file and/or Layout to get it to update. 


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Actually Layout is indeed linking the files properly by simply going to File: Project Info: Linked Files and selecting my new .fmz file.  

However, I have to save, close Layout and reopen the program.  Then it appears that all frames are linked correctly the new file.  

So there is still an issue, but I don't have to relink each frame as stated in my previous post.

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