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There is. It's the 'visibility' toggle in the attributes tab.

I prefer to ghost an object and then unghost it. I do that all the time when models get complicated.

And then if you have a good layer setup, you can just switch them on and off as required.

There is a hide object function in Revit which, according to a friend of mine, says he wishes it was never invented. Because people forget about the hidden objects all the time and they end up with bloated files.

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yes, i know i can toggle visibility. and i know that i can almost always hide a single object, by "Selecting All", then disellect that single object i wanted to hide and use "Isolate objects". But still, it would have been nice to do it using a single action through the right click menu.

Same as "Extrude" and "Reshape", when applied on a single surface will practically result in the same outcome.

btw... you could program this function that all "Hidden" objects are automatically being placed on a separate Temporary Hidden Layer, so if you forget about them, you could always get back and find them, delete them, revive them or whatever. 

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I can see the value of this.  Problem with manually ghosting objects is I tend to keep a lot of ghosts that are created from modeling operations.

not entirely sure, but i think that the isolate/reveal works through the ghosting mechanism, but it keeps a array of the objects as a separate list from all the other ghosted objects, so that it may reveal just the ones needed.  Don’t see why a second list couldn’t be utilized to a similar effect.   Not sure if this could be done through a script, or would have to be core functionality.  

How would you deal with multiple hidden objects, when time to unhide them?

unhide them all? doesnt seem to be any advantage over the reveal.  it would be better to be able to unhide, one or a few at a time.  The contextual menu item “Hidden” should have a sub list with all the hidden objects that you can select one to unhide.  not sure if there is a way to select multiple items from a contextual menu.  Can’t off the top of my head think of any example software that does this.   So, it may be unhide one at a time. 

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