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form•Z v9.0.0.3 now available

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form•Z v9.0.0.3 (#A0F0) 

We have posted v9.0.0.3 today to address some reported issues with formZ v9. This version can be now installed using the link you received with you v9 codes. Here is a list of some of the more important improvements.:



• The on-line manual has an updated interface including a better Index and search features, and loads properly from the application.

• The Action palette shows the active tool as expected.

• The “Keep Proportional” option now works properly in the place component tool and the Component parameters of the Inspector palette.

• Editing object names that are inside groups in the objects palette now show in the proper locations.

• Resizing a palette while editing a text field no longer causes top edit field to move to the wrong location.

• A detached Modeling tool palette can now be reinserted in the dock by dragging the palette such that the cursor inside the dock while pressing the Command (Mac OS) or ctrl (Windows) key.

• Preview renderings for RenderZone or V-Ray for form•Z no longer hang or crash when clicking in the Materials or Material parameters palette before the preview rendering is complete.

• Export to .skp no longer crashes when Keep textures is NOT selected.


Windows Specific

• The icon for “Delete Component” and “Delete Library” now shows properly. 

• Drag and drop now works properly in the Objects palette. 


OS X specific 

• Switching to another application and back to form•Z when there is more than one project open, no longer switches the active project.

• The “options” button in the export file dialog no longer crashes on 10.14 and later.


Draft Layout

• Import from Modeling now available in File menu of Draft Layout app. This converts the model to drafting space using the current view or optional parameters defined in the new Import from Modeling options.

• Import from Drafting now available in Modeling app imports the drafting space of a .fml file onto the current reference plane of the model.

• Title blocks now show properly after loading a layout file.

• Switching between layout and Draft spaces refreshes the window properly.


 Thank you for your feedback and patience as we work through these issues.


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I find the interface organization developments extremely helpful, but have some questions:

1.  Is there a way to control layout of the tools in the "tool dock", couldn't find it in the manual.

2. Is there a way to have a palette dock being a stand alone dockable window - most of us work on 2 screens nowadays and I find useful to have palettes on the 2nd screen, it would help organizing them, just a thought.

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The tool palette can be stand alone, and can be docked on the right side (left of the other palette dock, however). Don’t think it can be docked as a whole elsewhere.  
you can however, pull out or create custom tool group palettes, and those can be docked at the top.  Haven’t tried at the bottom. 


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