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The time has come for me to throw out the old Wacom tablet and replace it with some other form of input device.  I have been trying a very old Logitech MX mouse and am not sure this is going to cut it.  I find the scroll wheel for zooming a bit weird and then when I go into Affinity Photo and Designer the scroll wheel no longer zooms but pushes the window up or down.  The other oddness about using this mouse is that I tend to click when moving the mouse around.  Then there is the placement of the side buttons which require ones thumbs to do a double back flip (slight exaggeration) in order to magically touch the correct button.  

If anyone is prepared to share what devices they use and what features they like about said device, I would be very interested and appreciative.  (I tried watching a few You Tubers review some mouses but they were not very informative :-))

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Look into Steermouse, it allows you to modify the behavior of the mouse pretty well, including behavior of the scroll wheel.

Gives you the ability to use mice where there is no Driver on the Mac.  and allows behaviors for specific Apps (as is expected)





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