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Red Dotted Grid

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Working on this object which was imported as an OBJ then separated into it's various parts. When I select the parts they have this red dotted grid, which seems like some sort of reference plane... like a projection of the outer limits of the object onto the xy plane... have never come across this before... new in formZ9?... isn't in any new objects that I create in the scene, just the imported ones...anyone know what it is and how to get rid of it..






Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 10.52.31 AM.png

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Thanks Guys... but...


Objects are neither Grouped or Components...

I've done some more experiments and I think I now know what causes it to appear if not what it is...

It's not there when I import the OBJ file and the object is a single object.

It's not there when i Separate the object into it's constituent objects.

When I change any of the objects to SubDiv and then use the Swap tool it appears... and it also appears with new objects created in the scene under the same circumstances... If I don't use Swap it doesn't appear...

So, it is connected to the fact that they are SubDiv objects, but I'm just curious about it's utility...

If I do cut and paste the object the Dot Grid goes with it, though it doesn't retain it's knowledge of its SubDiv smoothing...

All rather interesting...


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That kind of control will show up on objects that you use the new symmetry tool on.  albeit, does not look like you have symmetry across that plane.

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