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Annoying decimals


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For a long time, in my work as an architect and designer, by default I work with 6 decimals of numeric and angles accuracy, in addition to using a very strict criteria with my working methods, both in formZ for 3D modeling and in AutoCAD for 2D drawing.

This way, it's very rare that I have to deal with bad formed objects, operations that don't work or geometry with undesirable decimals, among other advantages, and it's not more slow in any way.

Unfortunately, working in this more precise way with 6 or 5 decimals, when I have to edit the textures with the Edit Texture Map tool, it's very common for the numbers to show an insignificant error that doesn't match the geometry and that doesn't really mean anything. Especially for the rotation, but it also happens sometimes with the origin.

So, my suggestion would be to do the same thing as with the dimensions, that is, to have the option to customize the amount of decimals you wants, or just not consider more than two decimals by default, maybe?.





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