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V9.0.0.1 (Build A0D4) - Detailed UI Design - Tweak Icons

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Unfortunately I'm still a bit unhappy about the redesign of the V9 user interface.

This refers mainly to the use of color and the 3d-effects in certain elements of the user interface.
Other icons are simply «unreadable» or difficult to interpret.
Of course this is all a matter of taste…

But the absolutely fantastic part is that even under V9 it is possible to customize the icons to your own taste.
I wish very much that this will remain so after the future updates! Thanks!

You can see an example below:







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I know much of this is personal preference and it's great that formZ has the ability to allow customization, but I personally LOVE the colored Icons and details in the interface.  I find it easier to quickly navigate with the added color details vs all the grey.  Still, it's good you have found something that works for you.  Thank you for sharing.

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That is great to know we can tweak the UI.  I will add the color back to my icons in the palettes!  😉

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