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Richard Fairbanks

form•Z Input Palette Hosed

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< 3.5 GHz, 6-Core Mac Pro (MacPro6,1) with 16GB RAM and D700 GPUs, running macOS 10.14.6 >
Working on setting form•Z 9 to match palette layout of form•Z 8.
Input palette was only showing half of data and couldn’t be resized.
I moved it around and now it’s completely disappeared, apparently part of “Status Bar - Bottom” set, but nowhere to be seen.
Cycling “Status Bar - Bottom” on/off only changes the checkmark next to “Palettes/Input” menu item.
Deleting preferences files: no changes at all.
“Reset To Defaults Now...”: no changes at all.
Relaunch without saving preferences file: no changes at all.

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Hi Richard,

You need to have formZ closed before you delete your preferences folder to reset formZ's interface and settings.  Then when you reopen formZ, everything should rebuild to defaults.  Here's where the preferences folder is located:

On Windows, this is located in C:\users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\

(Note that [USER] is the name with which you log onto your computer, and if you don't see the App Data folder, you can show this by going to the Windows Explorer: Tools Menu: Folder Options: View Tab -- and choosing Show Hidden Files, and clicking OK.)

On a Mac, this is located in HOME: Library: Preferences.

(Note that HOME refers to Hard Drive: Users: your login name, and if you don't see a Library folder in this location, you can access it by going to the Finder: Go Menu, holding down the Option key -- and it will appear below HOME.)


There are still some quirks on customizing the new UI, but if you have some patience, you can get close.  A coming update should resolve this soon.

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