Some interesting observations there CJTFORM-Z. FormZ is light years ahead of SU in most cases, having very robust modeling tools and with current pricing, is extremely good value. FormZ acutely falls short with Layout when compared to SU Layout. SU is unmatched for its output of line work and more value brought forward with SU Warehouse. FormZ's Layout for me it's simply not usable in a productive environment. I've managed to work around it's limitations, however the KILLER application would be FormZ modeling toolset, VRay or other render engine compatibility and very robust 3D/2D production drawing capability within a single application or software suite. The need to split 3D-2D model/drawing, rendering, documenting work streams is so 1990's. Why is this still the case? This frustrates me to no end with FormZ. If only the Layout application would be made priority for once! For me that would propel FormZs value immensely.