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I think if I was to go down the BIM route I'd purchase and learn an actual so called BIM package such as Vectorworks or ArchiCad. PlusSpec is very powerful and impressive for a plugin but remember that that's exactly what it is, a plugin. And expensive as well.

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I'm all for more Extensions for FormZ as long as it doesn't take time away from AutoDesSys to develop them.  The core programs seem like all they have time to work on at the moment, and we have high hopes for v9's release. 

Hopefully the new Python based Scripting in v9 will allow other developers to implement Extensions and charge directly for them.  This has been SketchUp's business model, and has worked pretty well for them, though I would argue that FormZ is much more powerful out of the box than SketchUp, but SketchUp has a bazillion more Extensions that allow it to adapt to many different customer needs.  As a Designer, BIM is the furthest thing from my mind working on conceptual design.  However, I can certainly see the draw if you work on more production and engineering based projects.  

FormZ could really use an Extension Store like Trimble has for SU with their Extension Marketplace.  I'll reach out to ADS and see if something like that is in the works, so that developers of these tools for other programs could more easily adapt them to FormZ.

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Yes, I assumed something like this particular plug-in would be of interest primarily to architects. As I'm not a sketchup guy I can't test it so it may not even do what I would want. I've looked at Vectorworks, Archicad, and Revit but compared to fZ they are cumbersome to say the least. I love working in fZ and greatly prefer to stay with it. I hope the python scripting opens up a whole new fZ ecosystem with extensions such as these available as an add-on.

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Although I am a professional Architect I am not interested in the way those solutions work, it's just a database! You are not modelling anymore, but searching in a huge database with names and codes. And never find the object you want as an architect. Editing the object is still time consuming... Of course for some objects, like a water tap it's handy... 

FormZ has the possibility to be the best 3D modeller, simple to use, and therefore fast. The simpler you can build a 3D model, the better it works to get a unique design. Not a copy of a database! 

The information management in Form Z should be as simple as the 3D modeller, than we can print out our own spreadsheets...

3D model is one part of the BIM workflow, communicating with other professionals is the other part. For this we need exchange options.


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I'm not very interested in databases either. I'm interested in smart modeling, i.e., creating models where walls know they are walls, roofs know they are roofs, etc. I build detailed models of unique designs and I would like to be able to show the precise construction assemblies in the model without having to build them entirely from scratch like I had to in the image below. Ideally I could edit the design and the constructional elements would update simultaneously; even more ideally I could update the model and the changes would propagate through the construction drawings... but perhaps this is not possible or practicable.  I find it hard to believe I'm the only one who would want this but maybe I'm an outlier here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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