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[Q] Correct scaling of caddetails.com SketchUp model?

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I'm confused about scaling an imported model, can anyone help me wrap my head around this?

I'm bringing in a SketchUp model of a garden chair from caddetails.com (https://www.caddetails.com/Main/Company/ViewCompanyContent?companyID=4138&view=Models3D#vm70210-fermobusa-luxembourg-chair-3d).

The model imports beautifully but I can't figure out the units it is in. I'm working in metric but the site is in Imperial. According to the specs, the chair should be 20.5" wide. When I bring it into FormZ, it comes out at 594.7cm. So there's a factor of 594.7/20.5 = 29.

I don't recognize this factor as inches to mm, feet to cm. 20,5" is 52.07 cm. 594.7/52.07 = 11.42!?

I realize I can scale to my heart's content but since I have to do more models it would be nice if they all came out the right size automatically.

Any help greatly appreciated,



4138-029 - Luxembourg Chair - SketchUp.skp

4138-029 - Luxembourg Chair - PDF.pdf

Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 10.39.10.png

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hello Tom,

the best way to import sketchUp files , is never try to do it.

the geometry is horrible and the time to correct it is ten times longer than building new in formZ



good luck


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Hi vva,

Many thanks for your reply. There are many horrible things in the world that I do not have much control over 🙂

In this case I can live just fine with this model: I do not have to alter it, I do not have to 3D print it. I simply put it in a garden and it renders just fine.

I was just hoping for some scaling advice. It would surprise me if the model of an existing chair that's in production were modelled at an arbitrary scale.


// Tom

Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 16.03.38.png

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If you play with the measure tool, it is possible to use the options of that tool to set the scale of the object.

pretty easy.

Measure the distance, then change the value to desired in the options and tab out or hit the update button.

The value you enter needs to be in the units of your project settings.   Fz doesn't translate the units for you (or at least didn't used to)

Edited by Chris lund

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Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your reaction, that’s helpful.

In this case it does not really matter to be 100% accurate and I actually have information on the actual dimensions of the chair so I can scale things.

But I can imagine situations - for example with an organically shaped object or when ‘packaging’ components within a housing when dimensions really matter - in which it would be nice to understand the scaling that is applied on import.

Since it is an existing chair on a site for choosing project furniture, it is hard to believe it was modelled at an arbitrary scale.

Thanks again,




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