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Maxwell Beta Plugin Available (

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Hello Maxwell Users,

A new Maxwell Early Build is now available, with associated plugins for

• Maxwell 3 for formZ 8
• Maxwell 3 for formZ 7
• Maxwell 3 for Bonzai 3d 3

Now Available in the Maxwell Early Builds Area. For information about how to access the Maxwell Early Builds Area, please visit the Next Limit forum: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=41692


These plugins require the latest Maxwell Render Suite beta, available on the same page.





    • Improved Cone light translation. Faster, more accurate, and eliminates issue where shroud geometry could intersect objects in some cases. Also, new falloff type parameter.
    • Improved IES light translation with simplified parameters.
    • Improved Projector light allows setting intensity via emitter luminance.
    • Option to export scene by Layers. (Maxwell Render Options > Scene Tab)
    • Added options for 'floating shadows' and 'floating reflections' in Fire. Useful for quick compositing with IBL background. (Fire Preferences)
    • Increased Fire back buffer maximum resolution to 2K pixels. (Fire Preferences)
    • Added button to release the plugin's Maxwell license. (Extensions > Maxwell Render > System Settings...)
    • Added support for HDTV and ACES color spaces. (Maxwell Render Options > Image Tab)
    • Added camera White Balance, Tint, and Sharpness controls. (Maxwell Render Options > Image Tab)
    • Added camera response presets (Maxwell Render Options > Camera Tab)
    • Added menu of common exposure presets (Maxwell Render Options > Camera Tab)
    • New option to mirror textures when using Autotranslated materials. (Material Parameters > Maxwell representation > 'Translate Shaded')
    • Added 'Hide from Camera in Shadow Channel' option. (Maxwell Object Attributes)


    • 'Package for Renderfarm' and 'Workstation Transfer' commands can again be executed more than once per session.
    • Projector Light image map can be loaded more than once per session.
    • openGL 'Shaded' bitmaps created from RenderZone procedural textures now exported properly to Maxwell.
    • If 'Scale Model' mode is enabled, MXS References are now correctly scaled.

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Hi Pylon,


Are there any thoughts when Maxwell 3.1 Will be released?

I ask because with these constant early builds then to function

properly with the Maxwell formZ Plugin that you need to have the same

build primary Maxwell application running as well. With the Maxwell Early

Builds changing more frequently I would like to know when Maxwell 3.1

will be released.


Dan S.

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One thing to keep in mind when using the new Beta build is that current render farms (Rebus, Ranch) can not process these files.  I ran into this recently and needed to convert back to an old build or the option was to wait three days for my machine to render out an image.

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Hi Andew,


There is no mechanism for back-saving.


However, Maxwell 3.1 will be released very soon; render farms should update thier software at that point.



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