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Rounding issue

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Hi All,

I've spent much the afternoon attempting to get a simple form have rounding applied.

If the shape is tapered it works but if it is tapered with a waist it is not possible. 
Any pointers appreciated, offending file attached.

Thanks in advance 


Rounding Issue.pdf

Rounding Issue.fmz

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The object has a very small face at the neck which is causing the problems.  To find it I deleted the faces I colored orange and yellow.  You can now see that face (highlighted pink).


I eliminated it by moving the points from the top of the yellow face to the bottom of the orange face.  I then used the Object Doctor to eliminate the four duplicate points I had just caused o be created (Object 1 in the attached file).  In moving those points I found that I had now made some of the faces non planar which caused issues once again with the Rounding Tool (Object 2).  Once I had made all the faces planar, the object rounded as expected (object 3).



1501151658_RoundingIssue Rebuilt.fmz.zip

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