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Basics on 3D to 2D and axono views

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I have a few questions:


  1. To go from 3D hidden Line into 2D(Layout) what is the procedure?
  2. Are there tips or a page for this process. I am making pedagogical documents of simple volumes and their views in plan elevation and axonometric and isometric
  3. for me axonometric means the plan is simply rotated (so, no distorsion) while isometric the plan is made into a lozenge (based on the x and y both at 30° to horizontal). I need to make both these kinds of views BUT with the verticals at their true lengths. Is this possible?
  4. What would the setting for those two modes be? (Right now I get a reduction of the verticals when I go into axonometric view).

Thank you!



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test reply because I don't see my thread in the Discussions thread -PO



ok I see it now, it just isn't at the top of the stack..not sure why since it is v recent. anyhow.. Thanks

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unsure about appearance of thread -? new interface on website?

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