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Tool Options bug

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At times the Tool Options palette goes blank.  I close the palette and reopen - still nothing.  

It is always fixed on restart.

Mac OS 10.12.6

FormZ 8.6.5  build 10275

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I feel like a broken record, and I really hope these issues get fixed with v9.

It's your Preferences file again... try resetting them...


Simply delete or rename the 'autodessys' folder after closing FormZ.

On Windows it's located at C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/Roaming   (you will have to show hidden items and folders)

On Mac it's located at HOME: Library: Preferences

On relaunch FormZ will rebuild your preferences and reset everything to defaults.  As a word of advice, after you get your Workspace set the way you want it, and close FormZ.  The next time you open FormZ, make sure you disable 'Save Between Sessions' under the Workspaces Manager.  Doing this will help make sure you don't mess up your workspace again if FormZ crashes.  

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I found recently something really useful with InDesign:  Immediately after you lunch the app press "Ctrl + Alt + Shift". A dialogue will pop up asking if you want to reset preferences.

formZ ABSOLUTELY NEEDS this.  resetting preferences isn't a fix... it's basically a workflow at this point and any and all workflow shortcuts are welcome :)

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