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Are there any future updates for FormZ?

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Hi, I am a Japanese architectural CG designer. FormZ is not compatible with recent architectural CG software such as UE4 unreal studio, twinmotion, LUMION and BIM. 3dsmax, sketchup, rhino and c4d correspond to them. I have been using FormZ for a long time, so the late appearance of FormZ is very disappointing. Will FormZ not develop UE4 unreal studio, twinmotion, LUMION and vray next from now on? As a result, I am wondering whether to change the software used in the main modeling from FormZ.

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Unreal Studio imports Step, SAT etc via the Datasmith Plugin for Unreal.

FormZ exports FBX and OBJ both of which work well with UE4.

FormZ supports VRay

For BIM and links to other systems like TwinMotion and Lumion, you are better off using Vectorworks or Archicad on a Mac or giving in to Autodesk subscriptions if you are Windows-based.

Rhino is good if like me you need to work with point clouds it also has a live link to Lumion.

The alternatives are unlikely to match FormZ for fast concepting, but for links to other software and current architectural workflows maybe you need something else to run alongside FormZ.

My set up is to go from FormZ to Modo via the Power-Translators plugin. Modo has a direct connect with Unreal.





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Though we aren't directly integrated with Unreal, TwinMotion, or Lumion, form•Z files can be exported into various different formats to work in each:


TwinMotion: FBX, DAE, DWG

Lumion: DAE, FBX, DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ

We are working on incorporating BIM information into our importers but currently do not have a timeline for when it will be included. We will support VRay Next shortly after the version 9 release. 

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