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please improve the underlay tool!

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it has been said many times: please improve the way we can place underlays. this is SO important if you need to model based on scanned drawings or any photo reference. the current system is so cumbersome. open the reference plane parameters box, set up parameters, close the box to see if underlay is matching. rinse and repeat for the next 15 minutes. a simple 'screen update' button already would help a lot and reduce time to a minute. better than that, scale, size, move and rotate handles could make this tool really helpful and reduce setup time down to maybe 20 seconds. i just remember the good old times when pylon's plugin did this job in seconds...


currently working again on a project where i have to setup dozens of underlays. it is just frustrating!

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+1 on improving the underlay tool

regardless of other improvements , manual panning of the UL should be implemented

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