A recent graphics driver update for Windows 10 on machines with Intel integrated graphics causes objects to render black in shaded work and shaded full modes. This hot fix replaces the formZ 8 OpenGL shaders to be compatible with these drivers. These updated shaders should be compatible with other graphics driver versions and other manufactures drivers as well. This fix applies to formZ pro, formZ SE (Student edition), formZ jr and formZ free on Windows. To apply the hot fix, please follow the following steps: 1. Quit formZ. 2. Download and extract the .zip file below. This will yield a directory called "glsl_shaders" in your system downloads location. 3. Copy this directory to the "\support" folder of your formZ installation, replacing the existing "glsl_shaders" directory. formZ pro: \Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.x pro\support formZ SE: \Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.x SE\support formZ jr: \Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.x jr\support formZ free: \Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.x free\support 4. Restart formZ. glsl_shaders.zip