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rotate and scale while move

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would it be hard to implement a fast postioning mode which uses mouse wheel for rotationa nd mouse wheel + modifier keys for scaling a picked object while moving? after positioning, rotating and scaling the object it would be release with a click, as per the simple move command.

this would be extremely helpful when having to reposition and rotate hundreds of objects by hand!

or is there a script or any key shortcut options to setup this mode?





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There's a great tool called Repeat Last Transformation that do exactly what it's says... I use it a lot with a keyboard shortcut, so simple and so effective, very clever!

if you need more "power", for these kind of things you can use the Transformation Macro tool also, that allow you to apply in one move several "transformations", in FZ language, but honestly I don't remember last time I used it.

I hope these tips will serve you.



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hi marcelo, i was talking about an *interactive* placement tool, not repeat last transformation or fixed macros... thanks anyway.

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