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So here's a running list of glitches I've found whilst working.  8.6.5 w/RZ used on my PC at work and on my Macbook Pro at home.

I'm sure the list will grow.

- Cannot edit RZ environment map (clicking "Options" does nothing at all)
- Bz Spline and Spline tools operate exactly the same way
- Views just randomly disappear when dragging to reposition to the end of the list in the Views palette
- Collapsing a grouped item in the Objects palette highlights a bunch of objects in the palette
- Decal application is extremely glitchy on an object with rounded edges, as is coloring individual faces as a workaround
- Mirroring a texture does not preview in Shaded Work display
- Multiple clicks required to dismiss Image Options dialog
- All palettes except for Action and Tool Options disappear between shut down and startup on multiple monitor display

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