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I would love to see a global control for editing Scenes.  As it is I have to manually update each Scenes layers, image options, view, etc..  This can be tedious if I have a set of Scenes built and add a new layer or change the image export size - for example.  I have to load each Scene individually, change the layer settings, close the Scene...repeat.  

This has become especially important for me as I am now using Layout for my workflow and the windows are set to Scenes.  When I have 4 plans, 4 elevations, 4 sections, and multiple 3D views set in Layout and controlled by Scenes - it gets tedious and slow.

The global control would ideally set multiple Scenes to the same setting at once.  All the same Layers on, or lights on/off, or Image options, Clipping Plane, View parameters, etc...Hopefully as many global overrides as possible given the following list of Scene options:


If this is ever implemented I would prefer it to be set to only specific Scenes selected by the user.  Not all the Scenes at once as the only option.  In other words the user could pick and choose which Scenes were going to have the override.


Thanks for considering!

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Scenes are great.  They save most all the information for a set view - layers, view, lights, image options, clipping planes, etc.  Just remember to turn the red dot off if you set one off.  It auto records with the dot on.

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