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Global Material Override control

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I would love to see a Global Material Override option in the Project Rendering Options in the Display Options palette.


This option would turn off material overrides for all layers.  Yes I know I can implement a Layer Groups or multiple levels of groups.  However sometimes I individually set colors to work with and also make photoshop selections.  To turn them all on at once is tedious.  I know I can use Vray to get a material id output for photoshop, but this requires more work.  A Global Material Override option would improve my workflow.  

To be clear:  this would be an option, similar to Unlock Groups perhaps, that would allow or disallow Material Overrides in the Layers palette.  

Thanks for considering.  

For example:

While working in shaded full I see this:



However, at times I want to just see things as a bunch of colors to make modeling easier and also then in Photoshop it makes creating selection sets a lot easier.  I use Layer overrides to achieve this:



If there is a way to do this currently - please let me know.

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Posted (edited)

If anyone finds this:  I realized if I put all the layers in a "master" group I can control the settings easily through layer overrides.

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