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Hello everyone
I renew the machines of the office 
we are looking forward to our new machines
but we have already installed formZ 8.6 AND 6.7.3  on a laptop under windows 10 (compatibility mode win xp sp2)

we work EVERY DAY with formz 673 for drafting
on windows 10 (64bits) we installed in 32 bits
we can not install the old pylon plugin ...
the installation seems possible but the tools are not available (customize tools)

IF somebody bas an idea....

Moreover for a reason that escapes me completely open dialogue does not allow access to network drives ?!

drag a .fmz on the open application does not open the file !!?
I am very worried to work with Z 673 for the draft with our new machines ...

I hope that formz 9 will bring us a layout of much better quality (at least at the sketchup level)

if form 673 does not work completely on win 10 and if Z 9 does not bring anything new for the drafting I am afraid of having to find another soft for the draft

it's hot
what are the options?

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I am touched that you still use Live Section, etc..

I last opened formZ 6 about 5 years ago, so I may not be of much help, but feel free to email me and I can re-send your license info & the formz serial your plugins were authorized for.

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Hey JL!  Yup, I too am looking forward to a new/revised Draft module in FZ and similar to you I am still using V6 in combination with Plylon's Plug-ins -  Kudos Ben!   I am now generating my HL drawings in V8 because it is much faster and cleaner, although the export is not to scale and requires an extra step to resize, which is a bummer.

I know that ADS is open to and interested in hearing about users ideas so please do post or write to them with suggestions.  I have been busy lately,  but soon I will begin documenting my current workflow from Model to Construction Documents and I will include pros and cons to this workflow and I will have suggestions for how the Draft Module could be augmented and modified to be faster, more efficient, and more flexible.  Perhaps a new thread in the forum would be useful for discussion.  Actually I will start one now.....

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The Layout app works quite well for to scale export.  Of course one has to set it up of course.  I have a pre-built template file with standard drawings already set, which saves time exporting from FormZ and re-setting up Layout for each file.

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probably no coincident that you wanted to start a new discussion about layout, me too, but a bit different. I had the idea to post a movie about my workflow related to 2D output. But, my workflow is skipping Layout completely, instead using Affinity Publisher to create nice output. However, the discussion is welcome in any way.

My suggestion is about ADS and Affinity-Serif could working together to bring the best tools to the users. In my opinion this could be easily done when vector line out with 3D modeller is perfect through PDF. Affinity Publisher is great to do all work to get perfect output in a very easy way, with automatically updating etc. FormZ could made Layout at least more workable but at this moment a few tweaks could be made in the 3D modeller to produce perfect drawings (vector line based). Then in combination with Affinity Publisher (very good program in my opinion and not expensive at all! ...although still in beta. Suggestion: Take a look at their website https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/). If Affinity create the option to export to DWG/DXF... done! Well, for at least many... 🙂

For the discussion: FormZ should make some options better in 3D modeller (PDF vector line output, Hidden line copy and paste, plot frame for scale output), working together with Affinity, then the problem for 2D is solved for 90%. (because, why inventing the wheel if others done that before...)

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Thx, for the info.  I prefer the idea of using a single software, similar workflow, key shortcuts, etc. so I am interested in ADS' solutions first.

I already own Affinity Photo, will look into Publisher.  How does it handle dimensioning?

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I use scenes in my 3D model frequently, measuring also in my 3D model. Then make an image on 300 dpi let's say 200x200mm. The image is stored in a folder. Affinity Publisher (AP) update the images when they are updated.

I don't care about similar workflow, in all my more then 25 years working for my own and with many programs from CAD to DTP, switching between the programs and different shortcuts... I realise those became all together as if it is 1 program I use.


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