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Edit Group Problem

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I am trialling Form.Z, but am experiencing great difficulty while trying to edit and then recover a group. Drilling down the group hierarchy using Edit/Edit Group Component seems easy enough, but Group/Component Complete does not work at all. The group hierarchy is not restored. The final level is all that remains.

I even tried to save the file in the hope that reopening it would fix things, but upon reopening, I am greeted with an ID=01 error message, saying "File is damaged/corrupt". Clicking OK reopens the file with a completely messed up object list.

This is not a first good impression, but it's probably me who is at fault. Help!!! Any ideas? By the way, if this is useful, I installed Form.Z onto my HP ZBook, with a Quadro graphics card.

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The problem seems to be the complexity of my file. It's an old version FMZ file, which consists of 16 groups containing 7820 objects and 107 sweeps, and Form.Z 8 Jr is not quite coping with it.

The only workaround is to ungroup and regroup continually, but this is way (!!!) too slow and prone to errors. I know that Form.Z 8 Pro ( like the old versions) has an "unlock groups" feature, which is great, but I feel that this should also be made available further down the pecking order. This is essential! Form.Z used to be renowned for being bulletproof and industrial strength, but no longer to everyone, it seems. What do you think?

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