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Hello everyone

This section of the forums seems very quiet ...
I am a little lost.

I had looked a little bit at the version 6 SDK.
At the time I had the idea to see if I could contribute.
For lack of basic basic training and also for lack of time I had to give up.

I feel that a lot has changed

Would there be someone Chris? or Z support that can make a very short history of SDK form Z?
Would it be possible to give me some pointers about the future? (in the perspective of contributing even if I am trained for this)

I have the impression that the project "LAB" is stopped
Do you know who made this contribution that seemed very dynamic and why it seems extinct?


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The SDK has been available since v6 as both a C(/C++) interface and an FSL (form•Z script language) interface. 

With v9 we are introducing Python support. This simplifies and standardizes the scriptable interface for form•Z making extending form•Z easier and opening an channel to a wealth of existing python libraries that offer a variety of functionality. The C interface will still be supported in v9, but we expect the to be used primarily for existing plugins or development that needs to access external C libraries. FSL will be discontinues.

We expect that the Python interface will bring new interest in extensions and to the LAB project which has not been updated in a while. We expect to start beta testing towards the end of next month so stay tuned!

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My current professional situation has taken me away from modeling.  Though, I do a lot more programming.  In Python😊

Not professionally, but rather for internal projects.  Even though not using fZ professionally, I do use it for personal and internal business projects. I will first update my scripts from FSL to python. For the Mix of reasons of adoring fZ , the Community that supports it, and my continuing interest in programming, there are a number of scripts I have planned beyond my historicals and hope to continue with scripts as of yet unimagined.  I would even someday like to be a contributor to the LAB project. But even so, this would take some time to build the quality of my scripts as I don't pretend to be an expert.

jldaureil,  I realize that the above doesn't answer your question, as Tech did that already.   I would like to add, that some of the Utility Scripts currently work with version 8.  MIMI for example does (mostly.)    As Tech mentioned, when 9 is released that will break all FSL scripts.    If you or anyone else has a request of which scripts you want me to update to Python first, please let me know.  I would be happy and quite frankly excited to get on this project.  Updating my current scripts will be a good warm up exercise.

Though, due to my lack of professional use these days I don't know if I will be a candidate for Beta testing any longer. I do hope I will be, Hope isn't much of a strategy.  If I get the opportunity to test, I would be doing more testing in the scripting area than in the actual modeling environment, though naturally I will be doing some of that as well.


Tech, This is exciting news!   I want to beta test the scripting environment.  Do hope I haven't been too much of a PIA and will be allowed to test.  Don't know the emoji that describes my current expression.  <<Sweating Trepidation>>


¢hris £und


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hi Chris

Thanks you for your input... great news

Have you the complete list of all you scripts ?

I have to check all scripts I actually use...

Thanks in advance Chris


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Attached are the current scripts that work with 6.  Though, can't promise anything, as I haven't used them in years.


Existing:: roughly in order of updating to 9+

MIMI:  Multi Image Map Importer

GridUp:  Hotkey control over the snap grid resolution

Attention:  Sets the camera to point at the selected geometry or average location of that Geometry, works with all levels of topology.

Random MapperLight:  Sets mapping parameters randomly within ranges set by the user.    to help a scene look more dynamic with limited maps.  

n-sweep:   will sweep a source through multiple paths (axial sweeps),  this functionality may have been replaced?

Fresnel Reflect: a shader... (don't know if I will update this or not.)

Toonify: a Shader that somewhat mimics a cartoon look... not great, but may have it's place.  (don't know if I will update this or not.)

Ani_surface:  a shader for anisotropic effects  (don't know if I will update this or not.)

Look at Cam: depreciated, as ADS has a better option now.




Planned:: roughly ordered.

Match:  will scale objects to specific lengths/Perimeters, Surface Area or Volumes. User choice by Value Entry in Tool Palette or by matching to existing geometry.

Align2: a different take on the the existing align tool.

move2Axis: will send selected topology to the chosen axis/s

Autoplane: will change the workplace XY, YZ, XZ depending on rotation of axiomatic/perspective view.

MIMI inhancements: maps into different rendering modes maybe even VRAY, show only images in file dialog, base settings for a material (then load the image) for faster setups, select folder and load all images within (would suit well with base material).

RandomMapperFull:  a larger implementation of the existing script

EditGroup:  This may no longer be needed. Just on an old list

RenderOverRides: This May no longer be needed.  Just on an old list.  Intended to override object render attributes for complex layering in a photo editor.

        Newer versions have tools that somewhat take care of what this intended.  But May want to exert more control over them for auto-rendering-output.


Point/Control Editing tools:  move2Axis fits in this category,  but would also include arrange selected points into a primitive shape (like a circle)


Thinking about:  no order.

RotateAboutArb:  rotate an object/selection about an arbitrary axis.   Similar to how the revolve tool will sweep a line to create a 3D shape about an arbitrary axis.

a suite of NURBS editing tools.    (highly depends on what kind of access the SDK/API allows)

suite of SDS tools.  (highly depends on what kind of access the SDK/API allows)

ElegantCurve Generator:  hard to describe.

UnfoldEnhanced:  rewrite, or enhance current unfold tool.   Not sure what I want to do can be done in scripts.

Wind Load calculator:  self descriptive.

CNC control:  really just a hack to see if I can do it.


Had a whole suite of flat patterning related scripts that I probably will not bother with, as I do not do that kind of work any longer.





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