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Is Maxwell dead?

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On the NextLimit forum, there is a topic with this same title… And, because there is no answer from NL, what we could expect in the future for the FZ Plugin?

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9 hours ago, allanjl said:

I hope it still alive! Love their software. 

Me too! I hope it's not going away.

Funny enough that although the NextLimit forum is very quiet, they seem very active on twitter by posting renders on an almost daily basis.

Fernando Tella of Next Limit said on their forum last month that it is not abandoned and they will have news in the "short-mid term"

Fingers crossed...



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The whole 3D rendering space is in major upheaval and change. Particularly as GPU rendering has entered  then scene. That is not to say that there are not past CPU renders as well but denoising acceleration with CUDA based nvidia cards is amazing. However, that doesn't help Mac users and thus 'cloud based' rendering systems will become the answer -ie Rendering as a Service (RaaS). Maxwell is certainly brilliant but the next step in acceleration/speed has taken a while to update as you may see a different  direction and a new product is also due soon see this teaser roombox3D.com

There is an update for Maxwell Render itself soonish.


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