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snow stability problems on windows

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anyone else having this problem?  I've lost about 4 hours of work the last 2 days because of crashing/error loops.  Both error loops were caused by Undo's being reset (different processes so of course I could not reproduce the error) and one crash was just navigating around the model.

I don't have auto-save enabled because auto-save = routine temporary freezing while modeling which is not ideal.

For the rest of the day I'm going to work on a Mac that is at my disposal to see if that is any better with

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Windows version has been pretty stable for me here lately.  A little while ago I did have a bunch of issues again like you are describing.  I ended up trashing my preferences file again and the problems went away.  Haven't had to do that as often as earlier releases and you should definitely give it a try.

Also, Auto Save is amazingly fast once you change the default Project Settings>Project Files>File Optimization>Open Fast and make sure Keep Textures is NOT active.  My 100mb+ files save almost instantly this way on my SSD.  I used to use one click over toward Smaller Files, but the compression that FormZ performs on Saving, was way too slow, causing the temporary freezing routine you mentioned.  The Open Fast (Save Fast!) is much better, and since drive space is so cheap these days, there's no reason to try and save space anymore, IMHO.

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