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Change recording of scenes

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After several years of use it still catches me out regularly where I set a scene, go to it again, and loose it because it was recording while I changed it. To not save a scene until actually clicking a 'save scene' button would be far preferable.

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+1 for Save a Scene and not Auto-Record.

Maybe better would be Save Scene and Auto-Record Scene as an option for those that want it.  

I had had issues with this as well.  My solution has been to lock the Scene.  Of course I have to still remember to turn off the scene and re-lock it once finished, but it helps me remember.  Otherwise I forget to uncheck it and it records changes I do not want.  

In reality the Auto-Record does not save any time.  At the end of recording one has to either turn off the red button or lock the Scene.  May as well just Save the Scene and have it operate the same way as Views do in my opinion.

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