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Modeling Tool Palette Odity

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What is the cause of this? I've had the same thing happen when using the full Form•Z modeling tools palette as well.

When I've tried to access through Tool Manager it gets really weird with multiple multiples and generally makes a huge mess resulting in my having to go back to the defaults.

Computer is an iMac 27" running OSX 10.13.6




Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.08.55 AM.png

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Not happening here as I find Windows a better professional OS now, but I do remember that happening in the past with Mac when customizing my tool bars.  You have to be careful how you drag and click those icons when you have the Tool Manager open.  Having the Tool Manager Open allows you to do all sorts of new UI customizations, but can be a little odd to get just the way you like it.  Go slow, be prepared to restart from the beginning or reset your Workspaces if things go badly and start duplicating.  Once you are done customizing and have saved your custom Workspace, make sure you go into the Workspaces Manager and Uncheck Save Between Sessions.  That one feature is causing UI corruptions if FormZ crashes sometimes...

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