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¢hris £und

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Been working on some animations lately, where there are a number of interdependencies.

When chaining/parenting objects things get convoluted real fast.  So here are some thoughts that should make it easier.

1. ability to apply position and rotation of centroid based on any selected object (not just first in animation group)  This should be able to be accomplished with a script/PI.. but thought I would add it any way.

2. Ability to parent objects to other objects instead of a mandatory Animation group (do not get rid of the animation group though)  This would aid in cleaning up the number of objects/groups in the list

3. Note different kinds of objects with Icons or color code in animation list.  Right now I name them with O-Name,  A-Name, and L-Name  (L for location objects not directly used in animation (a cheat for #1) If 1 is implemented then the L- would go away.      In some other Apps, an animation group would be called an "effector"  and have an icon that looks like XYZ axis.  an object could be noted with a sphere or cube etc...

4. note the channels that have animations in them... Color highlight the item in list.

5. Some animation channels to override things like transparency etc of the object so that not all objects with a shared material need be affected. and an objects animation controls can all be packaged in one line item.

6. Am not sure the "Bezier" need be shown, at least not automatically. Takes space and Time.

7. Hide Channels not Used.   That is, if I am only rotating in the Z Axis,  I don't need to see the Position or the other two Rotations.   Show All Channels/Hide Unused Channels.

8. Some way of showing the Channels and Child objects as not being equal. 

9. Channel Change ignore...   that is, if there are child objects in a AG, and you make a mod to a channel in the AG... I want the the option to tell the Children to ignore that change at that moment. (as an option)  Right now, I have to move the children out, make the change to the AG Channel then move the children back in. 


Working out a mockup.

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