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Copy Unlocked Groups

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's designed this way, but I use groups quite a bit and my preferred method to edit groups is by selecting Unlock Groups.

However if I have Unlock Groups checked, copy a whole group, then uncheck Unlock Groups, the original group remains, but the copied group is not a group.

For example:

Draw a number of cubes.  Select all and group.  Go to Edit and check Unlock Groups.  Select all cubes, move/copy them.  Uncheck Unlock Groups.

The original group is still grouped, the new "group" is not. Personally, I'd prefer the group to remain as a part of the copied objects, but maybe I'm not the majority.

Regardless of this workflow, I'd like to see the Unlock Groups and Unlock Components be a more prevalent part of the formZ UI.  Maybe something similar to how the Lock Reference Plane is displayed? If there were icons for these functions I'd probably create a custom toolbar for it so I can stop making this mistake... which is almost everyday haha.

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