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Drafting v. Layout

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In the past and up to v.6, one could use the drafting module in FormZ to draw just about anything in 2D with accuracy and ease.  With Layout (and unless I am missing something), unfortunately this is not the case anymore.  I understand that FormZ is not a drafting program.  Nevertheless, I only hope that AutoDesSys will consider restoring (and even improving) some of the older drafting capabilities that allowed us to draw anything (from annotated site and floor plans to construction details) in real and not scaled measurements.  Having said this, I believe that creating frames and sheets in Layout with 3D views being directly linked to models could be a great feature to consider.

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Hello Phanos.

I have being expressing same ideas about Drafting module and huge downgrade of it towards Layout for about five years. I hope Autodessys will hear our prayers and finally fix it in FZ 9. At least in real scale part. Not telling about all the other features of Drafting module such as: Pane of any required shape, symbols system, proper hatching, proper text printing not those nearly invisible grey one, you name it.

 Meanwhile I have to use my 6.7 for daily drafting jobs and powerful and fluent FormZ 8 for modeling. It is good: I can quite easily switch between them.

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In Januari 2017 I started a thread about the alternative way how to get 2D drawings.


I also hope, like many others, drawing 2D will as rock solid as the 3D is, (more or less) Hopefully ADS will think about solutions to generate 2D output the way they did when developing the 3D modelling program. The 3D environment is very well developed in my opinion.

Who thinks automation is the solution, 2D drawing will automatically updates when the 3D model changed? I do not believe in it, as long as it is not rock solid. With everything that is "automatically" done for you, you do not have control anymore. I like to see we could stay in the 3D modeller, then make 2D drawings as easy as it is to model 3D. I think it's a way of thinking. FormZ 3D is wonderful, compare to many other programs. It would be interesting to see if ADS develop 2D output as simple as to use the 3D modeller. 

If this can be done with plugins to use other CAD programs... why not?

If not... ???

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