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Chris lund

Unexpected behavior, Slice tool

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tech,  Just noticed something I wasn't expecting.

Slice tool is misbehaving in multiple ways.

1. Slice does not follow the "ghost, delete, keep operands" settings

2. Slicing with heal, actually leaves an original operand, and a copy of that operand as well as the final object.

        Create a cube, and a slicing operand like a rectangle.  Perform slice (with heal)   there are now two of the operands, the original and one at the nearest face of object to the operand.

3. if slicing a face instead of a solid, there becomes a weird extrusion on the face.

4. Heal does not head faces ( Pretty sure it used to )

5. if heal of a face is attempted, one cannot stitch the operand and the resulting face together.  Does work if heal was not used.







Chris Lund

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