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Smooth object difficult to display

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Hello everyone
I am working on an object with which I encounter some difficulties for the display
It is a perforated metal plate.
I create the perforation from an image with a specific software.
This software generates a .dxf which consists only of circles (smooth)
I import the .dxf into 6.7.3 formZ then extrusion circles and boolean difference with the plate.
The principle is simple but on my old machine is already a little long.

Once obtained the object (smooth) I also do a facetted version. (without triangulation)

FormZ 673 displays well both objects in wireframe (it is very fluid in openGL and much less in native)

By cons I do not display the surface in interactive shaded for the faceted and the program tells me that I do not have enough memory to display the smooth ...

On FZ 8 I display the shaded work of the faceted version.
(not the smooth version)

Render Zone rendering is slow on FZ 673

Can someone explain to me why I have so much trouble with an object (quite heavy) but no more than other files I'm working on?

What strikes me is that when the complexity is distributed in a large number of objects it is much more fluid whereas a single complex object (from the topological point of view) is much more difficult.

Do you have the same difficulties on FormZ 8.6 with a recent powerful machine?

I thank you in advance someone has time to open the file to tell me ...



I am changing the design ...
I manage to make a rendering that I can then use as a transparency map to visualize the result


PLAQUE Bison.zip

PLAQUE Bison_d.jpg

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