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Hello everyone
I work with Formz 6.7.3 and I noticed a problem with a map hdri used as environment light, environment and background.
The problem is a deformation at the join (spherical mapping) (on the + x axis by default of set limits) visible when rendering the background.

I thought it came from the formz version
So I tested the same thing with formz 8
But the result is the same.

See the attached image

The image comes from the following site which is really great:

Do you reproduce the problem?
Do you have any idea where this may come from?
Did I make a setting error somewhere?

Can you tell me the address of an image for which the problem does not arise?

This is the manual page that corresponds to what I'm doing


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Duplicated. In the Shaded views, it works.  This just happens in RZ (don't have an independent renderer)

Edited by Chris lund

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Thank you Christopher


not sure to understand you about "shaded"
Shaded render in Z6.7.3 does not support the rendering of the environment
I guess you're talking about interactive shade (OGL) in version 8

And yes a reflexive object logically reproduces the defect (looking from +x axe by default)
I confirm under Z6.7.3 at least

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