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Numeric properties panel / movement / resize?


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Is there a panel or otherwise numeric display that gives you (and lets you adjust) dimensional and positional information for an object?

For example... I have a cube that's 3x3x3, and I want to make it 3 x 4.25 x 3....

Or, numbers that you can adjust to move an object to a specific point, e.g. move the cube to 0,0,0 ?


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2 hours ago, -andrew- said:


Would be great if that information stayed open/available all the time, but this works.

I agree this could be very useful to see an Object Parameters window open all the time... it should probably be separate palette from the Tool Options.  

I say could because the Parameters function kinda broken in formZ.  Example: Draw a cube... parameters are there and adjustable.  Reshape the cube: Parameters are gone.  This is the same for all generated solids.  Yes, you can use the Transform/Non-Uniform Scaling to change the size, but it's not *quite* the same.  formZ needs to retain these parametric properties when just reshaping an object.  Maybe a version 9 fix?

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