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Unknown file types try to open in formZ. Why formZ?

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Why does my windows 7 laptop choose FormZ when it has an unknown file type to open?

Typically this will be a pdf invoice viewable in Firefox. If I want to print it to pdf using pdf995 to rename and store with my other invoices, Firefox viewer has a problem with that and instead downloads it. If I select the choice to open the file, FormZ will start and try to open it, unsuccessfully of course.

My question is why of all programs does my computer choose FormZ to try to open unknown file types?

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because formZ is the best and it can do anything and everything, of course! 

but no seriously... this is a pretty silly and annoying bug.  we installed formZ on a number of machines in our office and on every machine it made most file types want to open in formZ--DWG, 3DS, SKP, etc--were all affected by this.  There's no workaround for this, you'll just slowly change the default application for every file type and eventually the problem will be solved. 

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