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MXS and PNG files stored in /private/var.... folders. Why?

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I discovered files created by Maxwell are stored in the /private/var/folders/jk/.../maxwell/ folder instead on my NAS where the FormZ file is stored. 


I believe FormZ is not able to keep track on where files are stored except on the computer itself. It feels as if it is not possible to have original FormZ or MXS files stored in the folder on my NAS.


Beside this, FormZ should work with aliases as well, but it don't. Very annoying.




1. Is it normal to store files in the /private/var/...../Maxwell folder?

2. Why is FormZ not able to use an alias? This is very handy, because my working files are not on my computer.


Hope to hear how I can store the MXS files in a folder I can enter easily.

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1. By default, these files will not be stored in a temporary location. Make sure your Output File Paths are set to 'Automatic' as in the screen capture below. All output files MXS, MXI, etc. will be saved along with your project, or to another location for specify.  (If you have Output File Paths set to 'Image Only', then everything except the image is stored in a temporary location. 'Image Only' is only intended for use with quick test renderings, when you want to minimize the number of MXS files you would have to delete otherwise.)


2. We just tested setting up 'Automatic' file paths set to save in an alias, and it worked fine.


Saving to internal drives, external drives, and remote computers has been tested and works file. Saving to NAS has not been tested; we cannot say whether this will properly of not. But try what we recommend in issue 1 above, that may be your issue.




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