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Hello Z - Thank you for developing the iOS formZ app. I'm switching from iPhone to Pixel 3 and would very VERY much like to have formZ on my new phone. I love the app and find it extremely useful and I'm sure other Android users would appreciate it if they had access to such a wonderful app. 

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Good idea!  But I also think just having a web app that worked on Chrome would provide the most users with this ability no matter the platform.

Moving away from all things Apple only makes sense for any 3d design professional since they stopped supporting some of their biggest brand champions.  After a dozen years or so of owning all Apple products,  I made the same switch last year. Android Pixel phones on Google Fi are amazing and even got an awesome Android Shield TV.  They compliment my Windows 10 workstation I built and couldn't be happier with.  Windows 10 has probably been the best surprise, as it's so much more MacOS like than the earlier boring and ugly Windows.

Make the jump!  You'll be happy that you did as Apple continues toward stupidity without Jobs.

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