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Copy or Duplicate Many function?

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Is there a duplicate many or similar function in FormZ?

I quite often need a row of many similar objects, it could be a row of holes or a row of cylinders.

In my 2D CAD there is a "copy many" function, just select the object, enter how many and the distance in between them and bam there they all are, instantly!

Is there a way to do this conveniently in FormZ?

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Of course.  One of the more basic functions of most CAD programs. 

Select an object using the pick tool.  Select the move tool.  In the upper right corner of your screen is the tool options palette.  You will see a series of red and blue balls.  The far right one is the multicopy object.  You can determine the number of copies, the distance between, etc. 
You can also place a set number of objects along any path using the T-form 2 tools near the bottom of your modeling tools.

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