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I am looking for cars in .mxs format for positioning in architectural visualisations. Dosch design has some from 2008, but that's not looking very fresh.

Any idea where I can find this?

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I'm in the same boat Imagix.

I have the Dosch 2009 cars which I optimised years ago and still use in my renders, but I bought the 2018 cars which come without the maxwell materials.

So I've just started importing them (I prefer the low poly versions as I think they are good enough for my purposes) into Z using the LWO format (seems to import the materials and textures better).

There are approximately 26 materials in each car model, so the first thing I do is to "save a copy as" in Z to a new designated folder so I have the materials with texture maps together (about 6 image maps per car ie. number plate, logo etc.). The other materials without texture maps can be copied from the older cars for speed, renamed (altered if required) and re-assigned in Z.

Then create mxs in Z, open and edit if required in Maxwell Studio and Bob's your uncle.

The whole process takes about an hour or so, but if you squeeze one car in every fews days between jobs, you'll have a nice collection ( there are 15 cars in the 2018 collection).


Hope this helps,



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Thanks Des. I was thinking i would do the same thing. Just wanted to make sure i that i havent overlooked any other car resources out there first. Thanks for the tips on the format and workflow. That will definitely save me an hour or so 🙂

best regards


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