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From formZ to VR?

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I'm interested to know is there any easy and affordable route to move formZ 3D models to some VR format. It would nice to explore the interiors in VR and show them also to the customers . Is someone already working with this subject? I have done some search. What I have found are bretty much linked to SketchUp etc. and offers all kind of cloud services. I looking for more like a man and a PC -type solution. 

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Most fairly recent 3D applications support 360 rendering. 

Maxwell Render for FormZ has a 360 camera and I'm pretty sure VRay has one too.

If you want a man with a PC solution I could render a simple test scene as a 360 image or as a 360 animation but animation would require some budget.

For Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and Occulus Rift etc the renders can be made as a stereo pair.

You might want to look at Simlab Composer too as this is geared for exactly this and is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.




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We have found a "simple" path.

We use Unity with the SteamVR plugin and a HTC Vive headset.

The coding in Unity a bit cumbersome at first but once you have the VR setup you like you can save it as a "Prefab" and drop it into a new scene.

Export from FZ as an OBJ, scale set to mm, best to export by groups or layers so you have some control in unity. 

We do have to clean up some of the normals sometimes.

I am able to get a model from FZ to VR in about 10 min (no fancy lighting)



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