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Openclip and Mojave

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I have upgraded to Mojave and have found that pasting from Openclip is no longer working. Is this a FormZ or Apple problem? If FormZ, can we please have a fix soon? Also, translation from FormZ to Openclip/Powercadd would be great!

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We now understand this problem. The OpenClip programming in PowerCADD/WildTools is 32-bit and the Apple routine to put something on the pasteboard (or “clipboard”) has become unreliable in 32-bit programming on High Sierra and Mojave but the same programming works fine in 64-bit.

There is a simple workaround. Download the OpenClip Viewer app from www.openclip.net. It’s 64-bit. You can then use the Copy button, and this will work fine.

I am also working now on an OpenClip Bridge app (64-bit) which will do this and more. Find a link to it on the same website. It is something I’m working on now and hope to have it available soon.

Alfred Scott

WildTools, OpenClip, OpenClip Viewer, OpenClip Bridge, etc.

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