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Bo Atkinson

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I just now got this message trying to open  small fmz which contained simple objects with a lot of texture editing of one personal color map. Basically I had tried many variations of modifying textures. I like the simple tool set for making a rainbow effect, but the object and settings now seem lost.)

If there is a known thing not to do with texture editing or mapping, please let me know.

Edit after 2 minutes,  trying a simpler test file with marble- Saving an object with marble gave tis error message... I think I have to try reloading that library...THe error message must be due to trying to fix the marble problem...

(I had also moved 2 old formZ app folders to trash and also hope I did not tamper with the current 8.6 file.)

Otherwise if there is more detail on the range of possibility with v8.6 texture tools, than appears in the manual, please advise.  (I have to appreciate that most pros are using advanced plugin renderers, which I dropped years ago, because rendering and design is not an income 'plus' for me... So that much in the way of replies are not expected here.)

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