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Charles Freeborn

Derive Face from outline

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I'm having trouble converting this outline to a face which I can then extrude (or go straight to an extrusion)

I've tried the original geometry (composite curve) and then converted to plain object. The derive face tool doesn't create the desired effect. When I extrude I get the outline with sides shown here.  My goal is to have a solid object.






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Hi Charles,

Your geometry is a bit messed up because these lines are not all on the same plane (planar).   Looking at the top view, you can see a curve coming off what should be a flat line view.



This probably happened when you drew it without being locked to the front view.  To fix it, I simply drew a larger plane behind it and Projected your lines on to it. 


Then I was able to use the Extrusion tool and extrude your shape as expected.



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